Wedding Favors [DIY: Wedding]

With our wedding right around the corner and so many things left to do beforehand, it doesn’t take much these days for me to feel like I accomplished something. Granted, I could have called the caterer that we haven’t booked, yet.. or maybe find some shoes for my maid of honor to wear. But instead, I sat at home and worked through most of our wedding favors. I only say it that way because I really wasn’t sure if I was going to like how the end result looked. Who knew if it was going to be as cute and adorable as I had it beautifully depicted in my mind?!
I have to say… I am noooot disappointed. *grins*

Omar and I play Scrabble on a daily basis and I knew that I wanted to incorporate something that we love to do into the wedding favors. And since getting everyone an XboX seemed a little out of the question, using Scrabble tiles seemed appropriate! I would love to say that I came up with the idea all by myself, but I can’t. Sadly, I also can’t remember exactly which awesome blog I stumbled upon it at, but I will see what I can do to find it again!

Once I got everything together and laid out all of the Scrabble tiles, I called Omar over to help me come up with four-letter words. Needless to say, I probably should have been more specific about them being appropriate four-letter words. Note to self: boys will be boys. But being the Scrabble king he is, he was able to come up with words including almost all of the tiles – we just ended up with a ‘Q’ and some ‘U’s! I was impressed!


our wedding favors

Things we used:
Slider top tin cans from Paper Mart.
Multiple sets of Scrabble tiles.
Rubber stamps.
Adhesive labels.

There are still a few finishing touches to be added, but I’ll be sure to post those after it’s all said and done! After all, with 45 days to go, I really don’t have any more room for procrastination.


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  • Thanks for sharing, I think your idea to incorporate scrabble into your wedding using the word love is not only unique but very elegant. Great job!ReplyCancel

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