New Ventures

Over the past few months, I’ve talked about starting a daily photo blog so I have absolutely no excuses for not taking photographs on a semi-normal basis. The only problem with that – I had even more excuses for why I hadn’t started the blog, yet. 

So! Here’s the start to something I’m now obligated to keep up with. ;]

I’ll admit – I have been a little cranky lately because I feel like the inspiration I usually steal from Houston is starting to run out. So, I started thinking of where to take a miniature vacation to in order to fill the void…
For whatever reason, I decided on going to the backyard. Adventurous, right?
The plan was to take whatever caught my eye first and go with it.
Sadly, what caught my eye right from the start was the jungle of weeds that seemed to be eating what used to be my grass.
But then I got to looking,
and found this. *smiles*
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