Jason + Junior Boy [Portraits: Houston Zoo]

Today, we got to spend the afternoon with some of our favorite people at the Houston Zoo. It may have been ridiculously hot and super crowded, but there were DINOSAURS, so it’s hard to get all torn up about it.

Jason and his son, Junior, met us up at the dinosaur exhibit they have going on right now. They are quite possibly the cutest father/son duo ever. Take note guys: the bar has been set.

Alright, alright, the dinosaurs were pretty awesome, too. And at times, pretty terrifying if you weren’t expecting a giant, moving creature to growl (is that what noise dinosaurs make? A growl? Roar?) at you. Some of them even spit water out at you!

This photograph cracks me up. Junior Boy growling (yep, pretty sure it’s a growl now) back at them.

Afterwards, we headed over to the petting zoo to hang out with the goats. This one was quite the entertainer/show off.

Last but not least: my favorite of the day! That smile is precious.

Jason, thank you for coming out and spending time with us at the zoo! We loved photographing you + Junior and can’t wait to see you two again soon!
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