Double Exposure

As many of you know, I have been lucky enough to take off an entire month from work to take bazillions of photographs for a class. So, as you can imagine, it has basically been the best month ever. (Not to mention, I got engaged!) One of the more recent projects that I’ve gotten to do is play around with double and triple exposures. If you haven’t seen his work already, Dan Mountford has some really amazing examples of double exposure. The best part is that he does all of them straight from the camera – he didn’t take fifty photos in Photoshop and put them on top of each other like what is more commonly done. So, his double exposure work was the influence behind the photographs I took for the project – and I think this one was actually successful!

(& a big thanks to Juan Duarte for helping me out with this one. Taking these of myself would have taken a bit longer…)

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