Beauty & the Unbeautiful

Sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the city and drive out to what I lovingly refer to as ‘the middle of no where.’ A place full of trees, homemade iced tea, and 4-wheelers. A place where I learned that I most certainly cannot operate a 4-wheeler myself, but can hold onto the back while someone else does. A place where you can burn huge piles of things and it be called a bonfire and not an act of violence. A place that I like to call my home for a weekend, but would go stir crazy at for more than a week. *grins*

My aunt and uncle have a large chunk of this wonderful place…

Don’t worry – that’s not it.

But when we were there for the day, my brother and I stumbled across it and I was fascinated. Why is half of the house not there? Why is there a television still sitting in what was most likely the living room? And why are there pots and pans up against it? See, this is a sort of problematic situation I find myself in quite often. I’m in a beautiful place out in the country where there is nature and animals and family and lakes and I am out by the side of the road taking pictures of this dilapidated house that probably has rats festering underneath it.

I take pictures of the plants when I’m at the zoo. Pictures of giant doors when I’m in the middle of China. Pictures of leafless trees when there’s a lush orchard right next to it. But I don’t think I would change it for the alternative. It makes photographing weddings a little more challenging and assignments a little more daunting, but it’s how I’ve always been..

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