While I Was Out

I was doing some editing earlier (while watching an unhealthy amount of episodes on Netflix) when I went to let the dogs out and was hit by a wave of disgusting Houston humidity. Except it felt fantastic and reminded me that I’m going to shrivel up and turn transparent if I don’t get outside soon. Then I stood outside for 45 seconds and realized that it was 93°F and maybe the possibility of drowning in my own sweat wasn’t worth it. But I decided to grab my camera, a bottle of water that didn’t stay cold nearly long enough, and head out. I ended up in a little grove of trees by a lake that has become a personal favorite over the last year…

The lake was something Omar and I stumbled across one day while we were out walking. Judging by the numerous commercial-looking piles of rocks and dirt, I might lose the peacefulness of it soon… Not entirely sure why it’s there, but it’s beautiful for now.

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