The Blue Trees Installation – Houston, Texas

Like I’m sure many of you in Houston, I’ve driven by the blue trees in town a few times, but never when I could actually take the time to get out of the car and see them up close. Luckily, during one of our adventures through the city, Juan & I made this one of our stops.

The grove of trees were colored by Konstantin Dimopoulos to highlight how essential trees are to our environment. Konstantin is an artist from Australia, who is working with different cities around the world to make their trees blue. 😉

If you haven’t seen the trees, they’re at Memorial Drive and Waugh. Drive that direction, and I promise, you can’t miss them!

We also stumbled upon some pretty hefty looking set of keys that I’m sure someone is missing right about now.

P.S. ] Don’t touch the trees unless you’re ready to take some blue home with you. Within ten seconds of us walking down there, I had already touched them twice and realized I have the self control of a two year old.

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