New Year + New Projects

Well, it looks like we’re into yet another year – and with that comes hope-filled resolutions and goals.
And for creative minds all over the world, it also usually means more projects!

Some people start the new year off saying they are going to work out. Others spend less money, drink less soda, be more responsible.
I, however, took on another project: to take one photograph a day for the entire year. I tried this a couple of years back and failed pretty miserably. I got somewhere around day 50/365 and just.. stopped.

So, you consider this my public disclosure and I’ll consider this my act of socially binding myself to the goal. ;]

A friend is trying to get through the p365, too so, I am hoping that between the two of us, we can keep each other going. I’m also trying to not take pictures of things I would normally post. For instance, this picture summarizes my night tonight perfectly – and I would definitely not normally post some Chinese food and water bottles.

But here we are – a night with Chinese food, water bottles, and a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. =]

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  • Kevin

    But whats wrong with Chinese food 🙁 it has feelings too….ReplyCancel

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