My maternity picture || a personal post

As much as I love being behind the camera, I am not the biggest fan of being in front of it. (And I feel like that’s a really cliché thing for photographers to say, but it’s so true!) So, when family and friends asked to see my maternity pictures, I laughed. Documenting me being 3x the size I normally am to save forever and ever really just wasn’t in my plans. Turns out, people don’t like that answer for several reasons. Which got me thinking.. they’re probably right.

While I may not feel camera ready or anything less than the size of a small planet, the fact that we have fostered this little human life is amazing. Our lives as we know them will be forever changed in a few short weeks, and these moments of solitude will be few and far between  – and probably something I’ll want to be able to look back on.

So yesterday, I gave in.
You win, rational friends and family with logical reasons as to why I needed to do this. 😉


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