Juan and I have been friends for a few years now. Unbeknownst to him, this friendship includes me making him smile through a few photographs just about every time we get together. But sometimes it works out for the best. For instance, after these photos were taken, he took that unfortunate nose ring out. 😉

  • Juan

    These pictures are awesome, but I need to step up my modeling. I hate to admit it, but your were right about the septum piercing. Can’t wait to do another shoot!ReplyCancel

I think there were about three days in a row where we woke up with the intention of going to the Great Wall and ended up going somewhere else. Turns out, the weather in Beijing isn’t always bright and sunny like it was the first two days we were there. And by “isn’t always,” I mean it’s never like that. Instead, fog and “mist” covers the city and keeps you from seeing anything – not exactly opportune Great Wall weather…

So! First, we went to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

The Forbidden City is really a whole lot bigger than I imagined. I don’t know if that’s from taking tons of field trips to American replicas or what, but it was may more than I expected.

I kept turning the corner expecting to see the rows of terra cotta warriors, but again: Thanks, elementary school field trips to American replicas. They are hundreds of miles away and not in any way part of the Forbidden City..

After waking up the next morning to a beautifully gray day, we decided to hold off going to the Great Wall again, and went to the Summer Palace instead.

Personally, I enjoyed walking around the Summer Palace a lot more than the Forbidden City. The architecture wasn’t as repetitive (or as *red*), overlooked the water, and had some crazy lily-padesque things growing all over the place.

This is where I will leave off tonight, because the next morning, we were able to go to the Great Wall. (And believe me, there are *tons* of photos of that to take up an entire post.)


Last time, I promised to give you all a photo-filled entry of sorts once my body realized I was back in the United States – but I still fall asleep during the day & stay up until 5 o’clock. So! What better to do until then than to fill this place up with China.

After catching up on sleep and adjusting a little bit, one of the first things we did was take a bicycle ride through a nearby hutong – which is essentially a little village of alleyways with shops and produce tables set up. They had everything from live chickens and tennis shoes to home cooked food and slabs of meat. However, in order to get to all of that, you had to pass through a couple of alleyways full of trash that lined the sides of the roads. As you could imagine, it smelled lovely.

We also dropped by the car wash that day. And as silly as that may sound (since it sounded that way to our hosts every time I mentioned it), I thought it was great. For one thing, it only cost ¥15 to hand wash the inside and outside – making it a little over $2. Plus, it looked like this:

Our next major stop was Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. ..which is where I will pick up for Part II of the China adventure.

Check back in the next few days for the rest of the trip. After all, who would want to read about an entire two weeks in one sitting? ;]

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    These pictures are awesome! The colors are incredible. I also enjoyed reading your description of the events, because it gives the pictures a bit more context. Great stuff, can’t wait to see more.ReplyCancel

As soon as I finish getting back into Central time, I promise to give you all a lengthy and photo-filled post.

But for now, I am taking power naps and drinking tea. So, I’ll leave you with this!

I left work at 7:30pm tonight to discover that the sun was still out. Not only was it out, but it was still decently high up. So, I figured with my ninja-fast mathematical skills that if I took the fifteen miles I needed to drive to grab my camera, subtracted the freeway, divided by ultra-speed, was plenty of time to get the job done.


Or paraphrased: I had a race with the sun. *grins*


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