52 reasons [DIY project for Valentine’s]

Since Omar and I have been spending ridiculous amounts of money on our wedding, we had to get pretty crafty with our Valentine’s Day gifts to each other this year. And where else do you get crafty inspiration from? Pinterest, of course! A while back, I had stumbled across a “52 Reasons” pin that showed how to take a deck of cards and turn it into an adorable little book telling your significant other what it is that you love about them so much. (A subset of a much larger list, hopefully!)

After spending hours on it, let me tell you.. It takes far longer than I anticipated it taking. And punching holes into each of the cards is not kind on the hands! I had a lovely purple palm for the next few days. But seeing his reaction to reading each of the cards made it absolutely worth it. =)

Things I used:
A deck of cards.
Binder rings.
Scraps of paper/old price tags.
Glue stick.
Hole punch.

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